Q Ethan McCallum (@qethanm) works as a professional-services consultant, with a focus on strategic matters around data and technology.

Q’s speaking engagements include conferences, meetups, and training events. He is also host of the Data Science Salon Podcast.

His published work includes Understanding Patterns of Disruption: Lessons Learned from the Cloud, Machine Learning, and More; Business Models for the Data Economy; Parallel R: Data Analysis in the Distributed World; and Bad Data Handbook: Mapping the World of Data Problems. He occasionally shares articles on O’Reilly Radar.

His research interests fall into two main categories:

  • The intersection of ML/AI and business models (data monetization, human/AI interaction, AI-based automation)
  • The application of financial concepts (such as risk, N-sided marketplaces, and asset bubbles) to other domains