Move smarter and faster on AI.

Consulting services for company leadership, product teams, and investors.

Adding AI to your company is easy. Winning with AI requires new knowledge, new ways of thinking, and new expertise. The vast majority of companies don't adapt, which is why their projects never make it to production and adoption of AI continues to pose a challenge.

Work with me to make the most of AI while reducing risk and inefficiency. Surface actionable use cases, meet industry standards, and avoid common pitfalls.


Develop executive-level understanding of AI.

Accelerate your AI earning in a structured, one-on-one program with me. I'll be your trusted sounding board, providing guidance and candid feedback on your plans. Learn how to navigate tough AI discussions with your peer executives and vendors. Reduce risk and dysfunction in your use of AI.

Catch problems early and course-correct.

Identify and reduce your exposure to downside risks, while leaving yourself open to AI's upside gains. Confirm that your company's use of AI is real, meets industry standards, and is living up to its potential.

Ideal for company self-checks as well as investor/acquisition scenarios.

Uncover actionable, meaningful AI use cases.

Answer the question "What should we do with our data?" Unlock use cases for applying AI to your business model and products, then formalize that into your AI strategy (road map). Build or restructure your AI approach to maximize performance.

Bring experienced AI guidance in-house.

Best suited for companies that are on the first steps of their AI journey, or looking to change direction with their existing team. I can build out your company's AI practice, prepare it for my successor, and mentor the team along the way.

Need something beyond what's listed here? I've provided a variety of other services over the years, so I may still be able to help.

Please contact me with a description of your project, proposed timeline, and budget.

Work with an AI expert

I'm Q McCallum. I help companies navigate their AI journey from zero to production and beyond.

I’ve been in the tech industry since the Dot-Com era, with a focus on data since the terms "predictive analytics" and "Big Data" were still gaining traction.

I've helped clients with everything from providing strategic AI guidance to executives and product teams, surfacing AI use cases, developing AI models, and performing due diligence.

I'm a published author with multiple bylines from O'Reilly Media, including articles on their Radar platform covering everything from AI to business models to N-sided marketplaces. I've also delivered talks at major industry conferences and private events.

When it comes to working with me:

  • CEOs and stakeholders like how I explain AI: in plain language that focuses on business goals. They can rely on me to be candid about what looks feasible and where the plan may go awry.
  • Product owners know that I'll find real, effective use cases for AI. I'll point out where AI can genuinely improve a product experience and where it won't add value.
  • CTOs trust me because I've taken AI projects all the way to production. Thanks to my previous career as a software developer, I can show tech teams how to move that AI project from theory to practice.

Take the smarter, faster, better road to AI.

Surface effective use cases for AI in your business and products.

Uncover hidden risks and missed opportunities.

Approach AI with confidence.