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Complex Machinery

Complex Machinery is my take on the intersection of AI and risk, plus related topics.

Recent issues have covered the wild animal that is generative AI and what happens when connected-car manufacturers make deals with data brokers.

It publishes two or three times a month.

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Block & Mortar

I launched Block & Mortar as a way of sharing my explorations into web3 -- the entire "layer cake" of blockchain, NFTs, and the AR/VR/XR world of metaverse technology.

Block & Mortar covers a mix of recent web3 news, as well as analysis of business impact and applications of this field.

New issues land one or twice a month, depending on what's going on in web3.

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One-pager guides

I've condensed years of experience and write-ups into quick, one-page websites:

Will AI Help Here?

Over the years one question that's consistently come up is: "How should we use AI (or ML, or data science, or what have you)?"

By treating "use AI" as a foregone conclusion, these companies have skipped over the important step of first asking: "What challenges do we face? And will AI help solve them?"

I assembled Will AI Help Here? ( to help companies work through those questions.

How Do I Do AI?

This one-pager guide picks up where Will AI Help Here? left off.

Having confirmed that AI can, indeed, help your business, the next step is to figure out how to get started. How Do I Do AI? ( briefly walks through what's involved in kicking off an AI project (or an AI-driven product) and notes some common points of friction.