New Radar article: "Rebranding Data"

Posted by Q McCallum on 2021-08-30

Have you noticed that we keep renaming the data field? I remember the early days of “predictive analytics” and then “Big Data.” We’ve since seen the rise of “data science,” “machine learning,” and most recently, “AI.”

Each time, it seems, we reset the hype cycle. Is this helping us at all?

My latest piece on O’Reilly Radar, “Rebranding Data,” explores this in greater detail.

Since the promise of “analyzing data for fun and profit” has proven so successful, it’s odd that the field would feel the need to rebrand every couple of years. You’d think that it would build on a single name, to drive home its transformative power. Unless, maybe, it’s not all it claims to be?

Please head over to O’Reilly Radar for the full article: