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You follow the business press. You keep hearing how data is the hot new fuel that will take every company to the next level. But, what does that mean for your business? How will you put data analysis to work to solve your problems?

That’s where I come in. Talk to me, I want to help.

As a consultant, I help companies to identify, explore, and solve problems. My focus is on strategic guidance around data analytics, otherwise known as data strategy. The end-goal is to help the business understand and improve its position, in terms of reduced cost, reduced risk, and smarter decisions.

my target audience

I’m interested in helping firms of all domains and sizes. If you’re looking to get started with data, or to do more with data, you’re probably a good fit. For example:

  • If you run a technology-driven company, you probably want to build (or rebuild) your internal analytics practice. Count me in.

  • Even if you don’t run a technology shop, you’re probably still sitting on useful data. I’ll show you.

It may be tempting to simply ignore the potential for data analysis (that would be a mistake) or hire a bunch of data scientists and hope everything works out (an even bigger mistake). What you need is someone to first help you understand what data analytics can do for your company, and how to get there. That’s me.

Just think of me as “that person who comes in before the first data scientist joins.”

Contact me to schedule a consultation.
I'd love to hear what you're working on, and how I can help.

what I can do for you

There are a number of ways I can help you firm. In general:

  • align analytics to the business mission
  • shape your data strategy and policies
  • make sense of what data you already have (data audit and data quality assessment), and see what else you need
  • explore ways to enhance and improve your data collection processes: make sure you collect the data you need to answer your questions
  • explore your data sources for untapped opportunity and revenue: turn raw data into actionable information and profit

Certain technology-driven shops may be interested in building out an internal analytics (“data science”) practice. I can help there, too:

  • serve as interim Chief Data Officer (CDO) / analytics lead to bootstrap your internal data analytics practice
  • (re)build and (re)structure your analytics team: determine which roles you’ll need, and how to fill them
  • identify which data tools and techniques will be of use to your firm
  • when appropriate, train your staff on those very same tools and techniques

The unifying theme is, helping the business understand and improve its position.

next steps

I’ve assembled a short list of frequently-asked questions if you’d like more detail.

Now that you know more about me and what I do, how can I help you?

Please contact me to get started.