consulting: ML/AI assessment

Has your company built its own data practice? Do you plan to invest in a company that boasts about their cutting-edge ML/AI? Or, maybe you want to evaluate and restructure your data team?

Talk to me. Through an assessment, I can provide insight into what’s happening and reduce risk in your ML/AI efforts.

ML/AI offers transformative potential. It also carries plenty of pitfalls. Mistakes, hype, and vendor snake oil can take a real bite of your company’s ML/AI spend. Work with me to find potential problems early.

Identify and mitigate risk in your company.
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Who’s behind this?

I’m writer, speaker, and long-time AI consultant Q McCallum. I’ve been in the data field since the term “Big Data” was still getting its legs. You can leverage my industry experience to review your data team, practices, infrastructure, and models. This will confirm what’s working well, spot potential problems, and identify new opportunities.

Through an assessment, I can evaluate whether the use of your company’s ML/AI is:

  1. Real. Has the company connected this work to its business model, to do something useful? Or is it all for show?
  2. Done properly. Is the team following industry-standard best practices? Is ML/AI even the best solution to the problems it is being used to solve?
  3. Living up to its potential. Are you focused on delivering reports and ad-hoc analyses, and missing opportunities to embed data into your product vision?

Many ML/AI problems can take months or even years to surface. Avoid surprises. Tighten the feedback loop on your ML/AI work now.

Ready to spot potential problems and identify missed opportunities?
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How it works

During an assessment, I will:

  • Check for disconnects between your business model and ML/AI efforts
  • Review your existing ML/AI team’s structure and skill set
  • Review your technical data infrastructure
  • Evaluate your practices for building and deploying models
  • Summarize those findings, plus any recommendations, in a report
  • Review that report with you
  • Hold follow-up meetings with you and your team, to see how you’ve progressed since the initial review

Have you built (or inherited) a data science / ML / AI team?

Your ML/AI team is full of smart, motivated people and you have faith in their ability to execute.

Still, even the best of teams can miss things. An ML/AI assessment can give you peace of mind about possible lingering issues, shed light on new approaches your team can use, and highlight opportunities to restructure or grow your team for greater efficiency.

Through an assessment, you can confirm that your team is engaging in industry best practices and that their work is actually connected to your business model.

Are you an investor or private equity firm? Preparing for a merger?

That company has a strong pitch deck, and they may genuinely believe in what they’re doing … but maybe there are some rough spots in their implementation.

Wouldn’t you like extra assurance that their ML/AI work aligns with their business model and meets industry norms? You want to confirm that their ML/AI offering is grounded in reality, and not just the latest data hype.

An ML/AI assessment can uncover issues during the due diligence phase, allowing you to more accurately price risk into the valuation and protect your investment.

Avoid investment and merger regrets!
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