New Radar article: "An Agent of Change"

Posted by Q McCallum on 2020-08-25

Today O’Reilly Radar has released a piece I co-wrote with Mike Loukides, called “An Agent of Change.” It’s a look at how the pandemic has influenced our personal and business decision-making, with a little bit of risk and complexity thrown in for flavor:

The Covid-19 pandemic has changed how people and businesses spend and operate. Over the coming pages we’ll explore ways in which our current world is already very different from the one we knew just a few months ago, as well as predictions of our “new normal” once the proverbial boat stops rocking. Specifically, we’ll see this through the lens of decision-making: how has Covid-19 changed the way we think? And what does this mean for our purchase patterns and business models?

Please head over to O’Reilly Radar for the full article: