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version 2.1.2, released 2012/07/29

Notes: fixes a permissions bug that manifests itself under CentOS 6 and RHEL 6. Under those operating systems, novi's install changes the permissions on /usr, /usr/bin, and /usr/man. (This bug, apparently, does not manifest itself under Fedora.)

Additionally, the man pages now install to /usr/share/man.


version 2.1.1, released 2010/09/25

Notes: now builds under Fedora 13, aka RPM API v4.8.


version 2.1.0, released 2010/01/12

Notes: now reads the file repodata/repomd.xml to find location of the "primary" data. (Before, novi assumed the primary file was located at repodata/primary.xml.gz.)


version 2.0.1, released 2008/12/29

Notes: This version of novi will compile with RPM 4.6, which ships with Fedora 10. Please note that this version will not compile on Fedora 9, CentOS 5, etc because they use an older version of the RPM API.


version 1.1.9, released 2008/06/29

Notes: fixed "was not declared in this scope" compile errors related to GCC 4.3 header file cleanup; removed unused BuildRequires: entries from spec file.


version 1.1.8, released 2008/02/08

Notes: small internal tweaks


version 1.1.7, released 2007/09/03

Notes: added a workaround to support different revisions of Expat v1.95.x. More recent Expat revs use a different scheme to report parsing success or failure. If you see build errors to the effect of:

./src/ error: 'XML_STATUS_OK' was not declared

then this novi release has the fix.


version 1.1.6, released 2006/05/20

Notes: addresses a code flaw caught by older compilers. This should fix the build problems on CentOS 3 and perhaps other OSs...


version 1.1.5, released 2006/05/14

Notes: includes support for Source RPMs (SRPMs).


version 1.1.4, released 2006/05/07

Notes: novi now accounts for RPM epochs.


version 1.1.2, released 2005/10/01

Notes: This release includes build fixes only (of note, I've fixed the Expat linking problem); there are no functional enhancements.


version 1.1.0, released 2005/07/17

Notes: novi can now parse repository metadata (repodata) XML files to load RPM headers. If you have a static repository (such as the directory of Fedora install media), having novi read the repodata file saves you a lot of time and I/O over reading each RPM individually. Refer to the man page and examples for details.

This new functionality adds Expat and zlib to novi's list of prerequisites. That means you'll need to install the expat and zlib RPMs to run novi. If you build novi from source you must also install the expat-devel and zlib-devel RPMs.

As of this release I no longer have a Fedora Core 3 reference system to provide FC3 binaries. The source RPM should still build under FC3, though.


version 1.0.1, released 2005/06/22

Notes: This version adds some extra error handling, both for rpmlib calls and checking for readable files. The source RPM should also provide more warning if you're missing a prerequisite library.


version 1.0.preview.20050423-02

Notes: We have man pages! That is all. No code changes.


version 1.0.preview.20050417-01

Notes: This version supports RPM builds and make install. The man pages included are only stubs (empty files); I created them now such that I wouldn't have to tweak the build process later to include them.


version 1.0-preview-20050410-01

Notes: initial pre-release version.

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