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Are you a CEO or CTO who plans to build your company’s first data analytics (“Big Data,” “data science”) practice? Maybe you want to augment your BI department with these new methods and tools? What if you’re the lone data scientist at your firm, trying to convince management to build out a full team and tool stack?

Let me know. I want to help.

I work as a consultant and I am eager to help your firm to bootstrap or rebuild your analytics shop:

  • align analytics to the business mission
  • shape your data strategy and policies
  • explore your data sources for untapped opportunity and revenue
  • serve as interim Chief Data Officer (CDO) / analytics lead to bootstrap your internal data analytics practice

Why am I doing this? Because I’m thrilled by the prospects of data analysis, and I like to help businesses succeed.

During the late 1990s tech boom, I saw a number of IT shops hit rough times because they hadn’t done the proper planning up-front, or never tied their internal app dev stack to the business mission. These steps fueled the self-fulfilling prophecy that IT held no real value. I don’t want to see that happen to the analytics field.

As company leaders race to build out their analytics practice, I want to help them align that to the company mission from the very start. I want them to see how proper investment in analytics will pay dividends, so they treat analytics as a competitive advantage.

Interested? Contact me to get started.